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We offer professional counselling services in over 20 languages, including English. For other languages, we will use interpreter.

Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Tamil, Japanese, Sinhalese, Punjabi, Mandarin/Chinese, Somali, Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Urdu, Bisaya, Tagalog,
French, Fiji Hindi, Cantonese, Marathi, Konkani & English

Diversity Counselling NZ

Diversity Counselling New Zealand (DCNZ) is a Charitable Trust, established in September 2013. Our team of qualified, registered and experienced professionals are passionate in making a difference to the community. We are here to extend our helping hands to people to overcome their challenges and live a quality life. We are well-placed to make people understand that they are not alone and to make a positive impact on the care people receive.

Counselling / Psychotherapy Services

Diversity Counselling New Zealand (DCNZ) offers counselling and psychotherapy services for migrants and former refugees since its establishment in 2013. Our organization has great connection with ethnic communities and takes a comprehensive community-oriented strength-based approach to enhancing the well-being of ethnic people, families, and communities. In our organization, all our practitioners are registered professional counsellors and clinical psychologists.  


Thrive was born out a vision to help ethnic communities in Aotearoa NZ have easier access to mental wellbeing tools and resources.  By offering information in different languages, and using wellbeing concepts from a range of cultures we hope that our ethnic communities in Aotearoa NZ can get the information they need to stay well and flourish.


A selection of online resources for ethnic communities to explore further. Check out "Courageous Chats" for child sexual abuse prevention tools in different languages, as well as our newsletters and annual reports for more information. 

How we help

Our service offerings are extensive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve, including multi-ethnic/cultural/linguistic professional counselling and family support, guidance counselling in schools, and a variety of seminars and workshops designed to enhance cultural responsiveness among professionals and community leaders. 

Our innovative "Tree of Life" workshop and "Bridging the Gap" seminar series, along with specialized programmes like the Breathing Space Programme for school children, reflect our commitment to empowering ethnic communities through education, support, and the fostering of connections.  


DCNZ distinguishes itself from mainstream mental health providers through our unique commitment to offering culturally responsive counselling services across an extensive range of ethnic communities in over 20 languages. This singular focus ensures that migrants and former refugees from ethnic communities receive the mental health support they need in a language they understand and in a manner that respects and incorporates their cultural background. 

Our approach, which combines early intervention and prevention strategies within a community-led framework, ensures our services are not only accessible but deeply aligned with the specific needs and values of the diverse populations we serve, setting us apart in the landscape of mental health support. 

Thank you to our funders