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About Thrive

We want to see all our communities in Aotearoa New Zealand flourish and thrive. We know that it isn’t always easy to talk about mental health, find help or know what to do when you or a loved one are struggling. We know it’s even harder when you are trying to do this in a different language, culture and country when your family and friends are thousands of miles away.

We hope these resources make it a little easier for you to navigate life’s challenges, stay well and thrive.

Thrive was born out a vision by Vanisri Mills (DCNZ) to help ethnic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand have easier access to mental wellbeing tools and resources.  By offering information in different languages, and using wellbeing concepts from a range of cultures, we hope that our ethnic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand can more easily get the information they need to stay well and flourish.

We acknowledge that our ethnic communities are incredibly diverse, and we have not captured all of that diversity here. We hope we can build on this, in the future.


Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the creation of Thrive.

Our communities

We asked members of our communities for help to create Thrive, and the response was incredible. They generously gave their time, their knowledge and shared their stories with the hope that it could help others in a similar position.  Community members from different cultures attended focus groups, filled out questionnaires and told us what they wanted and needed from this website. Without you, this work would not have been possible, or as authentic, so a big thank you to you all.

Our project team  (also members of the local community)

We were fortunate to have a project team with a diverse range of skills, experience and expertise involved with Thrive. What the project team all had in common was a passion for supporting the wellbeing of our communities and making positive change.

Thank you to Vanisri Mills, Vandna Stringer, Dr Shemana Cassim, Susanna Wilford, Komala Pather, Jessie Zhu and Dr. Hiran Thabrew.

We also want to acknowledge DCNZ Board of Trustees, Advisory Committees, and operational team.

We want to thank Rachel Bauer for her website design and Hamish Kinnaird for filming and editing the videos.

Our Funders

Thank you to our funders 

Thrive is a digital tool developed by Diversity Counselling New Zealand (DCNZ)