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Coming to New Zealand from a different country can bring many wonderful opportunities. It can also bring some challenges. 

We asked people from ethnic communities in New Zealand what challenges they faced, what helped them get through and what they do to stay well. Here’s what they told us:

Identity and belonging (English)

Cultural differences (Spanish) English subtitles

Academic pressures and racism (Chinese) English subtitles

Career and friendships (English)

Navigating two cultures (English)

Relationships and confidence (Arabic) English subtitles

Embracing my identity (English)

Finding a job (Hindi) English subtitles

Knowing my rights (English)

Language barriers (Kinyarwanda) English subtitles

It’s OK to ask for help.

Seeking support when things are not right is a sign of strength.

You don’t need to struggle alone or wait until things are really bad. 

Getting support early may help you get better sooner.