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Ethnic Mens Wellbeing Programme

Ethnic men are invited to participate in this safe, interactive 6-week programme incorporating mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social pillars of holistic wellbeing.

This is a comprehensive, community-oriented, strength-based, programme for Men from ethnic migrants and former refugee backgrounds.

The programme is designed to be interactive and culturally responsive.

This programme will cover the topics of mental health well- being, understanding stress and anxiety, addiction, non-violent communication, compassion, resiliency and sharing traditional cultural knowledge to overcome adversity in their life, whilst remembering connections.

This programme will be delivered by experienced and registered ethnic practitioners.

Professional interpreters will be offering language support.

"I have found that discussions about mental health provide me with a valuable opportunity to understand my thought processes. If these types of group discussions were held more frequently, they would be highly beneficial." (anonymous participant, 2023)

"Sharing my opinions and speaking openly was very beneficial for me. I am hopeful for the introduction of new wellness programs and look forward to attending them." (anonymous participant, 2023)

These photos are from Ethnic Mens Wellbeing Programme 2021 by DCNZ 

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