Thomas Road Clinic - Now Open

How We Help

We support our ethnic communities in various ways.  

Our services include: 

Counselling/Psychotherapy Services 

Offered by our experienced and registered ethnic counsellors and psychologists, these services are provided in your preferred language, ensuring comfort, and understanding throughout your journey to well-being.


We also conduct wellbeing programme led by our professional therapists, such as:

  • Breathing Space Programme for school 

  • Drumbeats hub for ethnic youth  

  • Parenting Support Programme   

  • Ethnic Men’s Wellbeing Programme

  • Courageous chats – preventing our children from sexual abuse

  • Other Programme such as Bridging the Gap seminars and "Rising Together" programme 


Mental Wellbeing Resources for Ethnic Communities 

Thrive was born out a vision to help ethnic communities in Aotearoa NZ have easier access to mental wellbeing tools and resources.  Watch the video below to hear what this page is about and use the buttons to view all of the Thrive information and resources in your language. 

Courageous Chats 

Our children are important, and it’s up to all of us to keep them safe from sexual abuse. 

That means being courageous and talking about things we have not talked about before, for our children. 

Choose your language below and learn what you and your family can do to keep your children safe.