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Our children are important, and it’s up to all of us to keep
them safe from sexual abuse.

That means being courageous and talking about things we have not talked about before, for our children.

Choose your language below and learn what you and your family can do to keep your children safe.




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More Resources

Read more about the resources created by Diversity Counselling New Zealand and Hohou te Rongo Kahukura:

  • Preventing CSA for Takatāpui and rainbow children – Kōrero mai | Talk to me – supporting parents and caregivers to talk about gender, sexuality and safety with the children in their lives

  • Preventing CSA for ethnic Rainbow children –

Project Acknowledgements

Diversity Counselling New Zealand (DCNZ) and Hohou te Rongo Kahukura worked together to develop material related to preventing child sexual abuse, through this project funded by ACC. We deeply value the connections, differences, and similarities between us which have enriched the work and the vision of ACC to make it happen.

Alongside the project leads Vanisri Mills, Bex Fraser and Dr Cayathri Divakalala, we are grateful for the work of Sandra Dickson who provided many hours of advice. And we are grateful for our nine amazing community mobilisers, all of whom brought attention and care to their communities. We acknowledge the work of, Elkin Solano, Liaquat Ali Changezi, Dr Hala Barhoum, Kaoru Tsukigi, Raukawa Newton, Andrea Black, Rev’d Gendi Burwell, Cami Carti-Melis and Gaayathri Nair.

In particular, we want to thank Elkin Solano, Liaquat Ali Changezi, Dr Hala Barhoum, Kaoru Tsukigi, who held many discussions with parents during 2023 to help shape this material. We are grateful for our community members, those who shared and also acted in the videos.

We also like to acknowledge DCNZ board members and operational team.