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Language Barriers

What is an interpreter?

An interpreter is a person who translates what someone is saying into another language.

Interpreters are professionally trained.  They are required, as part of their job, to keep the conversation they translate between you and someone else confidential.

Their job is to translate the information accurately. They do not offer any opinions or make any comments on what is being said.

Interpreters may come to your appointments, or be there over the telephone. 

If you cannot speak English or do not speak English with confidence, you can ask for an interpreter when you go to a health appointment.

It can take time for them to arrange the interpreter, so let them know when you book your appointment that you would like an interpreter, and what language you speak.

Most of the time interpreters can be free. But sometimes you may be required to pay for their service. Remember to ask before you book your appointment.

You can find more information about interpreters here.

Learning English

There are places throughout Aotearoa New Zealand that teach English to migrants and former refugees.

If you would like to learn or improve your English, you can find some English courses here.